These Rules determine the mutual rights and obligations of the participants of the DOTA 2 1x1 FAST CUP tournament and the official tournament organizer (hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer").

1.2. The organizer of the tournament is LLC AstraLine (OGRN 1089847390467 INN 7805474091), registered at 198095, St. Petersburg, Marshal Govorov st., 35, bldg. 4, office 813.

1.3. When completing the registration procedure on the site, accessible at (hereinafter referred to as the "Official Site"), the participant of the tournament unconditionally accepts the terms of these Rules. All participants of the tournament must carefully read the text of this document before completing the registration procedure on the Official website.

1.4. Any person who have reached the age of 14 can participate in the tournaments of the TM DOTA 2 1x1 FAST CUP series.

1.5. Each participant must have a Steam account and the latest version of DOTA 2 installed.

1.6. To participate in the tournaments of the TM DOTA 2 1x1 FAST CUP series, the tournament participant has to:

1.6.1. Register to participate in the tournament on the official tournament website, providing the Organizer with all the data requested for registration;

1.6.2. Join the official community of TM DOTA 2, available at

1.7. Individuals who do not meet the above requirements or who provide unreliable information in the registration form are not allowed to participate in the tournament. If the participant of a tournament does not meet the above requirements, organizer has all the right to refuse awarding participant.

1.8. The procedure for processing the personal data of tournament participants is determined by the Personal Data Processing Policy located at ( The terms of this document are also accepted by the tournament participant when registering on the Official Website.


2.1. Registration for the tournament closes 5 minutes before the tournament starts.

2.2. The tournament bracket, formed on the basis of received applications, is published on the tournament site at the time designated as the start time of the tournament. The exact beginning time of the tournament is indicated on the Official website of the tournament and in the Official community, at least 3 days before the start of the tournament.

2.3. The link to the tournament bracket is also posted in the information "announcements" section in the Official Community. The relevant link is placed within 5 minutes after the start of the tournament.

2.4. An hour before the tournament starts, all participants must complete the procedure for confirming participation on the tournament page. Confirmation of registration closes 10 minutes before the start of the tournament. If you do not confirm participation, you do not get into the final tournament bracket.
3. GAME RULES 3.1 Game mode 1x1 Solo Mid.
3.1.1. The lobby is created in the game by one of the participants.

3.1.2. In the lobby there should not be anyone except the players and the tournament administrator (optional).

3.1.3. Lobby Settings:
Game Title: Arbitrary
Game Mode: 1V1 SOLO MID
Lobby password: Randomly
Visibility of the lobby: Public
Location of the server: Luxemburg. A different server may be chosen by consent of the parties
Series of games: Best of One
Enable cheats: Disabled
Delay in Dota TV: 2 minutes
Viewers: Allowed
Tournament: No
Bots in free slots: Disabled

3.1.4. Sides (Radiant / Dire) are determined by a "coin toss" command. Players choose the side of the coin (heads / tails), then type "/ flip" in the chat room of the lobby. The one who wins chooses the side to play for.

3.1.5. If one of the players is not present to play at the arranged time of the game within 20 minutes, it is considered a technical loss.

3.2. Terms of victory: Two deaths of one of the players, or one broken tower.

3.3. During the game it is forbidden to use runes, farm neutral creeps, buy Faerie Fire, Infused Raindrop, Necronomicon, Dominator.

3.3.1. The block of the first wave of creeps is allowed.

3.3.2. It is forbidden to farm neutral creeps (jungle).

3.4. The use of Shrine is prohibited.

3.5. Any suicide is counted as a point to the opponent.

3.6. At the end of the game, the winner has to proceed to the tournament page and enter the result of the match by clicking on the "Report Results" button. And also make a screenshot of the game results screen, which after the game is to be uploaded to the form on the tournament page -

3.7. It is forbidden to leave the game until its end. Early leave means the opponent's victory.

3.8. If a player suspects an unfair game on the part of an opponent, he can challenge the match results by providing the Organizer with evidence of the rules violation (screenshots, video or others).

3.9. Controversial issues arising between players during the process of organization or in game are finally resolved by the Organizer. Decisions of the Organizer, taken by him on the basis of evidence submitted by tournament participants, are mandatory for the tournament participants. Communication with the Organizer is carried out in the order specified in paragraph 5.3 of these Rules.

3.10. All participants of the tournament must follow the standards of sporting behavior, and also strictly follow the legislation of the European Union. Among other things, tournament participants are prohibited from using inappropriate language, threats, and other actions that could infringe the honor and dignity of other players in the game's correspondence. It is forbidden to use in game correspondence between players to distribute materials, which are forbidden by the EU legislation.

3.11. Players who violate the above rules can be removed from the tournament at the decision of the Organizer. A violator would not have the prize awarded to him.
4.1. After the tournament starts, the bracket appears on the site in the "Bracket" section. Participants who confirmed their participation (see point 3.4.) should find themselves in the bracket by nickname on the site, or by the SteamID specified at the registration stage. You can do this using the page search function (Ctrl + F) by entering the above data.

4.2. After you find yourself in the bracket, you need to contact your opponent. To do this, copy you opponents SteamID specified in the bracket, go into the game (Dota 2) and click on the "Friends" button (in the lower left in the Main menu of the game), click the "Find by SteamID" button, paste the previously copied SteamID into the input field.

4.2.1. If your opponent is not yet determined in the first round, you would have to wait until your opponent is determined by lower bracket. This process can take from 15 to 40 minutes.

4.3. When you find your opponent's profile by his SteamID specified in the bracket, you need to invite him to the group. We recommend taking a screenshot in the moment of the invitation, in order to fix the moment to countdown 20 minutes from.

4.4. After your opponent has accepted your invitation to the group, you would need to create a game lobby ("Play" -> "Create a lobby"), the settings of lobby are specified in paragraph 4.1.3.

4.5. You play the match according to the rules of the current tournament. Carefully study the list of allowed and forbidden game mechanics, for all interesting questions concerning the rules, you will always be answered by the tournament administrator in our Discord community

4.5.1 After each match, we recommend making a screenshot of the game results, in case of a controversial situation this will serve as a confirmation of your victory.

4.6. At the end of the series (or one game, if the tournament is held in the BO1 system), the winner sends the results using the form in the "Bracket" section of a website. Processing the results can take 5-15 minutes.

4.7. Communication with the organizers during the tournament is carried out only through the Discord-server.
5.1. The results of the TM DOTA 2 1x1 FAST CUP tournament are announced by posting the relevant publication on the Official Website and in the Official Community no later than 2 working days after the end.

5.2. Within 5 working days after summing up the results of the tournament, the winners of the tournament must send an email to the Organizers ([email protected]):

5.2.1. Information on the taxpayer identification number assigned to them (TIN);

5.2.2. Information about the address of residence

5.2. Information about the details of the bank account to which the sum of the prize will be transferred.

5.3. The prize money is paid by e-transfer to the bank account of the participant of the tournament, within 14 working days after summing up the tournament results. It is pre-assumed that the tournament participants who have won prizes gave all the information necessary for the transfer, as well as for withholding and paying applicable taxes and fees.